5 Unusual Things to Pass the Time in London

  • January 5, 2023
Things to Pass the Time

London has a lot of wonderful places to explore. Whether you have come all alone or with a partner who is engaged in something, London has a lot in store for you. Take a luxury chauffeur service in London and ask the chauffeur to take you to new and unexplored places.

In this blog let us come to know about all the places that can be explored to pass the time in London.

1. Enjoy a movie in Leicester Square

Discover a wide range of artists performing at the TKTS stand in Leicester Square. London’s West End doesn’t fall short when it comes to theatre. Book tickets for the show and take a London chauffeur from the best chauffeur company in London to get there.

2. Realize your reading skills with Maggs Rare Books

If you love reading, you’ll love visiting places like Maggs Rare Books. As the name suggests, you will find a collection of books published over the years. Old paper products will keep you busy for a long time.

Things to Pass the Time

3. Go for lunch at the Kensington Palace Orangery

If you want to enjoy your own company for a while in a quiet atmosphere, this is a good place. The orangery was developed in 1761 and has many citrus fruits. Hire the best chauffeur company in London and arrive in comfort and style. If you have just landed at the airport, book Airport Transfers in London to reach where you want to.

4. Walk along the ST. James Park

St. James Park is located around Buckingham Palace. Walking slowly through the park will help you get a glimpse of Buckingham Palace and if you arrive late, you can see the dramatic changing of the guards. Book a Chauffeur Driven Cars London chauffeur service that will assist you in exploring all the surrounding areas too.

5. Purchase something at the Harrods department. 

Harrods, the most frequently visited departmental store in London is a good place to visit in your leisure time. Here at the store, you can enjoy delicious meals, exclusive clothing as well as priceless jewellery items. The show-stealing glamour of the place will keep you absorbed for hours. Try buying candies and chocolates which have a lot of demand as a whole.

6. The Portobello Road Market

The Portobello Road Market is set in Notting Hill. Here you can enjoy a moment’s experience of witnessing the bustling crowd of the outdoor market. This marketplace is primarily famous for the antique stalls that it has. It is probably one of the oldest marketplaces in the city of London. HCD Chauffeur driven Cars London gives you an impeccable travel experience. Enjoy the best experience by booking an online chauffeur car service today.

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