For many people, the role of a chauffeur is to pick up passengers in luxury cars that’s it. What they don’t understand is that the chauffeur’s duty is actually much more than that. In this blog, we’ll explain exactly what our London chauffeurs do on a typical journey, from route planning to pick-up to drop-off.

Are you still wondering what a chauffeur does and what is the role of a chauffeur? Here you go!
Role Of a Chauffeur

Route planning

This is one of the most important roles of a chauffeur that makes them stand out from the local taxi drivers. An exceptional chauffeur will always have a plan as well as a backup plan. They always choose a route beforehand and have another option ready for surprisingly heavy traffic.

Greeting and assisting with luggage

When London Executive Chauffeurs arrive at the pick-up point, their job is to meet and greet their guest and then help them in every way they can. They safely handle all your luggage and escort you to the vehicle in luxury style.

Chauffeuring passengers in complete comfort and privacy

Chauffeurs then transport passengers to their destination(their main task), in maximum comfort and style. During your trip, your chauffeur will respect your privacy and will never share any information with others that are private. They will deal with all the issues that come along the way such as lane changes or traffic problems.
During the journey, the chauffeur will not only follow GPS tracking but also use in-depth knowledge of the London area and its surroundings to make on-site decisions about the route. This flexibility makes the journey as smooth as possible and makes it easier to negotiate traffic conditions.
If you are taking a chauffeured tour of London, your chauffeur can also point out some amazing places to visit. If you want a more comfortable trip, please let the driver know so you can enjoy London in peace.

Drop you off at the destination in style

Upon arrival at your destination, the chauffeur park as close as possible to minimize disruption. Then open the door and take out your luggage before clearing customs.
If you decide to book a return flight from London with our chauffeur service, please let us or the chauffeur know. We will update the info in the office and arrange for a chauffeur to take you back wherever you want.

Clean and Sanitize The Vehicle

Once the driver drops you off at your location, they will park the vehicle and clean it. They polish the exterior to remove dirt and stains and thoroughly clean the vehicle’s interior to create a dirt-free environment and reduce the risk of COVID-19.

Move for the next Trip

Once cleaned, they are ready to move on to the next customer and provide them with the same high level of service they previously provided. Did you see how hard our London chauffeurs work to provide you with the perfect tour? If you would like to book a trip to London with our chauffeur service, call or email us now. We would be delighted to assist you!

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