Top Churches in London You Must Visit

  • November 29, 2022
Chauffeur Service in London

London is a home to the most spectacular churches in the world. For the tourists who have hired Chauffeur Service in London, here is a list of the most famous churches in London city.

1. The remarkable St. Paul’s Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral is an iconic church in London. It was established during AD 604. The church is around 111 metre high with an attractive towering dome. The engravings and amazing frescoes have a lot to reveal.

2.Westminster Cathedral- A magnificent sight

Westminster Cathedral is a beautiful church situated in the vicinity of Victoria Station. The exterior of the church is built in red and white brick. It displays neo-Byzantine style architecture. The interior is built with 120 different types of fascinating marbles.

3. Southwark Cathedral- The church with best frescos

Southwark Cathedral was founded in 1897. It is popularly called The Cathedral and Collegiate Church of St Saviour. It is a significant landmark of the city. It depicts beautiful Gothic architecture. the 4th Sunday of every month witnesses choir performances.

Chauffeur Service in London
Top churches in London

4. St. Mary Abbots Church

If you visit St Mary Abbots church, you will be amazed to see its artistry. The church holds prayers at every interval and is considered to be a wonderful sight. The church portrays an extraordinary fusion of neo-Gothic and early English patterns. The architectural sculptural work is an added beauty.

5.St. Leonard’s Church

Visitors prefer to hire Mercedes S Class Chauffeur London to reach St. Leonard’s Church which was established in 1720. It was built by renowned architect George Dance the Elder . The huge bell, the extraordinary long dome and the engraved pillars are sure to amaze you. It provided many services to the visitors.

6.St. Martin in the Fields

It is a church which is situated at the heart of London. If you have planned to visit the church, hire an Event Chauffeur Service. It will let you travel to St. Martin’s church in comfort and style. The main location of the church is Trafalgar Square. The scenic beauty of the church is the reason tourists never miss the spot.

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